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This page was prepared on the basis of the documents from the site and the books by a historian, a stenographer, a teacher of GZOS A.M. Urkovsky "Stenography through centuries" (1969), "Learn shorthand" (1965).

A.M. Urkovsky is consulting at GZOS.

On September 26th in the huge hall of the Geological Museum, London, the first Congress of Intersteno was opened. Born of an idea of Sir John Westby Gibson, to celebrate 300 years of the 'modern shorthand' it enabled the 400 participants to spend a whole week discussing the themes of shorthand in parliaments and the courts of justice, and its influence on education and in the female world.

The report of the Congress contained the speeches and the debates which followed. Unfortunately there were no photographs.
In that year wireless radio had not yet been invented by Marconi, the telephone was a mysterious object, the designers of automobiles had taken their first footsteps, typewriting was a curiosity looked upon with distrust and still produced at handicraft level.
A few notes on typewriting and transmitting machines of that time.

Capable stenographers assured the recording of parliamentary debates and their diffusion through the newspapers, which received the texts via the telegraph, which was the principal source of news transmission.
A few notes on stenography at that time.

The inaugurator of this meeting, during his opening speech, expressed the hope that the Congress would not to be an isolated event, but would be the first in a long tradition. The report does not tell us that the good food and wine served on that occasion positively contributed to this goal, but the decision to continue with the event was consolidated, beginning a tradition that continues today with the 46th Congress, to be held in Prague in 2007.

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