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46th Intersteno Congress in Prague

46th Intersteno Congress
took place in Prague
from July 21st to July 27th

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The opening of the Congress

(22.07.2007 - 23.07.2007)

Prague is a very beautiful city!
But we only see it early in the morning or late at night

It's lecture day today.
The main objects of discussion are stenotypes
and stenomasks

Congratulations on the Day of Touch-typing!
Your idea turned into the following address:

Handing the letter to the Head of the US delegation

July 25th is Youth Day
A detective game of searching the lost Intersteno flag
and disarming a bomb

Those who are older than 26 years old
studied the brewing technology.
Pilsner brewery in the town of Plsen


The last day of the 46th Intersteno Congress
Morning -the sitting of the General Assembly of Intersteno

The delegation of GZOS before the General Assembly

Greeting of the new Intersteno President


Handing over of the Intersteno flag

The Chinese delegation holds the Intersteno flag

CONGRATULATIONS! 49 Vladislav Pinchuk Ukraine
379,6 (char/minute) 0,08 (% error) 10749 (points)

Our contestants: Vladimir Travkin (left) and Vladislav Pinchuk (right)

Vladimir Travkin's new friends

Vaclav Mikula (left)
- 1st place in Text production seniors (826,6 strokes per minute)
(826,6 strokes per minute)

Lucie Sevcovicova (centre)
- 2nd place in Text production juniors (712,17 strokes per minute)
(712,17 strokes per minute)

Awarding the winners and the farewell party in the evening

The prizes are waiting!

The winners of the Internet contest

Closing of the 46th Intersteno Congress

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