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      Internet competition

      1887 ‑ 1937
      1955 ‑ 2009
      INTERSTENO 2007
         Program of 46 Congress
         Final results 2007
 »   INTERSTENO 2009
         Program of 47 Congress
         Final results 2009
      INTERSTENO 2011
         Program of 48 Congress
         Final results 2011
      INTERSTENO 2013
         Program of 49 Congress
         Final results 2013
      INTERSTENO 2015

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47th Intersteno Congress in Beijing

47th Intersteno Congress in Beijing

47th Intersteno Congress
took place in Beijing
from August 15th to August 21st

Program »
Final Results »

We arrived in Beijing 15.08.2009

Our hotel

In the hotel lobby - registration of the participants of the Congress

First steps to understanding

Eleonora has just registered

Opening of the Congress

Greeting from Russia (between the Netherlands and Slovakia)

Participants of the Intersteno Congress in Beijing

Hosts and future winners

Concert at the end of the Opening Ceremony

Everything is ready. The World Championship is about to start

Last-minute instructions

Working places of the participants of the contest

Good luck in the contest!

Our assistant

Jury's dinner break between the contests

Friends, colleagues, rivals

The second day of the competitions. Two more days are ahead

The team of assistants for one Russian competitor

Working moment of the Jury


A visit to the Parliament of China

They're all Intersteno members

The Award Ceremony in 8 nominations in 3 age groups lasted almost 3 hours

The Award Ceremony of the Internet competition winners. Daniel Chen didn't arrive. A member of the USA delegation gets his medal

They are the awards of one team!

A girl from Spain won second place. She is blind


Our heroine

Madam President and Nora

Buffet table

You cannot do without a Dragon in China

The last moments of Chinese chairmanship in Intersteno

The French delegation hold Intersteno flag

They met. Both wearing T-shirts with the slogan INTERSTENO in Russian!
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