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47  L=T+TT+=+
The 48th Intersteno Congress took place
in Paris on July 10 - 15, 2011

Program »
Final results »

The Congress events were held at two venues, one of them Cite Universite

The other one FIAP.
Its a hotel with facilities for holding congresses, symposia, etc.
It has both rooms for hotel guests and offices and conference halls for work

The lounge at FIAP.
On the wall you can see greetings in various languages including Russian: -v (Good afternoon)

The patio at FIAP

These two venues are not far from each other

The wonderful park Montsouris is situated between them.

A few seconds before the Opening ceremony

Everyone is looking forward to the Opening ceremony

GZOS is greeting the Congress

Representatives from 25 countries participated in the 48th Intersteno Congress

A meeting with our Turkish friends

Our delegation (Igor is taking the photo) and Linda Drake ( USA)
who considers us her sisters


French stenotypes

Korean stenomachines

Our big friend, Daniel Glassman, the founder and President of the company World Technologies (USA)

President of Intersteno of France Jacqueline Bertin-Mahieux is attentively listening to our answer to her question:
Why arent stenotypes made in Russia?


The report on TS was the most important event for us this year.
The day before, we had met Helena Matoushkova to clear up the last details

The X-day and hour have come.
July 13, 2011, 9.00 am

Helenas keygraph (klavogramma).
We had asked her to type slower and deliberately make a few mistakes for us to analyze Zoom in

A US reporters klavogramma.
Like many others, he wanted to buy the programme TS,
but Igor was only ready to give it as a present

Both the programme and the presentation were a great success.
Lots of warm words were spoken. In the photo Jaroslav Zaviacic is praising Igor.

Typing Statistics presentation

He had chosen a place at the Pantheon long before

We participated in capturing of the Bastille this year as well.
The occasion was celebrated by the Presidential dinner party on board a ship, sailing along the Seine

Fireworks finalized the celebration

The most delicious food was served at the dinner party

General Assembly

A greeting from Gian Paolo Trivulzio

The newly-elected Intersteno President Fausto Ramondelli is delivering a speech

The farewell dinner party

The ceremony of passing the flag of Intersteno from France to Belgium.
The next 49th Intersteno Congress will take place in Ghent in summer, 2013.

Stanislav Yagunov is the first in Russia who won the INTERSTENO gold medals!
Gzos expresses a sincere gratitude to Stanislav and the Yagunov family for the victory and wishes him new achievements.

For us the main hero of this Congress is undoubtedly Igor Philimonov.

Gzos expresses an enormous gratitude to Igor Philimonov for the great work done in order to give a successful talk at the Congress.

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