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The program of the 48th Intersteno Congress
Saturday, 9th July 2011
FIAP Hall 09:00-19:00 Registration
FIAP   09.00-12.00 Jury meeting
FIAP   14.00-17.00 Board meeting
FIAP Competition rooms 09:00-19:00 World championship in Multilingual Shorthand
Sunday, 10th July
FIAP   08:30 Council meeting - first session
FIAP Hall 09:00-19:00 Registration
Cite U Hall 10:00-13:00 Installation of exhibitors
Cite U Hall 14:00-19:00 Exhibition
Cite U Amphi. Adenauer 14:00-16:00 Official opening
Cite U Amphi. Adenauer 16:00-17:30 Welcome drink
Cite U Amphi. Adenauer 18:30 Short session of instructions for PC competitors after the opening ceremony
Cite U Amphi. Adenauer 19:15 short instruction session for PC Jury
Monday, 11th July 2011
Cite U Honnorat Lounge 08:00-17:00 World championship in Text Production, Text Correction AND professional Word processing
Cite U Hall 09:00-19:00 Exhibitions
Outdoor IPRS (Intersteno professional reporters session) 1st session in the French Parliament
    9:00 - 09:45

Visit French Parliament - Assemblee Nationale
126 rue de l'Universite - Metro: "Assemblee Nationale"

Participants from Assemblee Nationale: Mr Claude AZEMA, Directeur du Service du compte rendu, with Mr Thierry MARCHAND, Directeur adjoint. From Senate: Mme Francoise WIART, Directrice du Service du compte rendu.



09:45 - 12:30

  1. Opening/words of welcome
  2. Report IPRS Meeting Budapest (02-10-2010)
  3. The profession of parliamentary reporter for disabled persons (mrs Jenny Laval, mr Gert Sandig)
  4. Technological developments in the Dutch Parliamentary Reporting Office (mr Matthijs Bakker/ mr Herbert Houdijk)
  5. Logging the Future: tablet-generated e-log in the House of Commons (mr Owain Wilkens)
FIAP   14:45 - 21:00 Correspondence and summary reporting (2 groups)
Tuesday, 12th July 2011
FIAP Hall 09:00-19:00 Exhibitions
FIAP Competition rooms 09:00-12:00 Speech capturing world championship
FIAP   14:00 - 15:00 Realtime world championship
Wednesday, 13th July 2011
FIAP Amphi. Bruxelles 09:00-19:00 Conferences click here to see the whole programme


09:00-19:00 Exhibitions
Thursday, 14th July 2011
Outdoor Through Paris 09:00-13:30 Youth day: Da Vinci code race
Outdoor Esplanade des Invalides 13:30-15:00 Youth day: Lunch "Da Vinci"
FIAP   09.30 - 12:00 IPRS meeting (2nd session)
  1. Opening
  2. Automatic reporting - mr Tutsuya Kawahara: Deployment and initial evaluation of New Transcription System using Automatic Speech Recognition in the Japanese Parliament (Diet) Official reports and their value in the legislative process
  3. Summary and minute reports in the Italian experience; a pronunciation of the Italian Constitutional Court (mr. Fabrizio Verruso)
  4. Presentation by the Polish Parliamentary Reporting Office (mrs Anna Namys)
  5. Present situation and future of IPRS (mrs Lida Horlings)

A video contact with Mr Gherardo Casini - Head of the Global Center for ITC in Parliament is planned at a convenient time.

Friday, 15th July 2011
FIAP   08:30 Council Meeting - second session
FIAP Lisbonne room 11:00-12:30 General assembly
FIAP   12:30 Council meeting - short final session
Town Hall Paris 4e 16:30-19:30 Price giving ceremony
Town Hall Paris 4e 20:00-23:00 Farewell gala dinner
Saturday, 16th July 2011


09:00-19:00 Final trip: "Let's discover the Champagne Vineyard"
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