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Listen to the INTERSTENO President Gian Paolo Trivulzio speaking on web-radio of veloscritture (mp3 5,7 Mb).


The INTERSTENO President Gian Paolo Trivulzio will speak on web-radio of veloscritture

The Letter from the INTERSTENO President:

Dear Intersteno Friends,
We are approaching the traditional period of the Year End and I would like to convey to you some thoughts.
Instead of writing them, I have decided to release them via Radio broadcast on Thursday 20th December at 20.00 (Central European Time).
Please connect to http://www.veloscritture.info - Web radio. The speech will not last over 15 minutes.
If you are using Internet explorer you can automatically listen upon connection and adjust the volume with the objet, if you use Firefox-Mozilla you have to click on the link which is provided on that page.
I thank our Swiss friends of Veloscritture for giving me this opportunity to use their web-radio. The broadcast will be recorded and re-transmitted at convenient times for America - Australia and Asia.
If you cannot attend, I take this opportunity for sending my warmest wishes for the New Year, also on the part of the other Board members.
Friendly regards
Gian Paolo Trivulzio


Thanks to our American colleagues David Rogala and Daniel Glassman the stenomachine and the textbook on machine stenotyping met at GZOS. These two objects evidently were acquainted more than 50 years ago. The machine belonged to N.N.Sokolov who was the first Director of GZOS and who took part in creating the book alongside the teachers of GZOS.


Dear INTERSTENO-family and friends

Unfortunately I have the very sad task to forward you the message of our colleague Ivan ?o? that last tuesday, 13th November, our dear colleague and friend Ing. Judita Sehnalova, Bratislava (Slowak Republic) passed away in the age of only 48 years old. Ing. Judita Sehnalova represented the Slowak Republic in the Intersteno Central Committee for several years. Between our sad feelings, we have to find the courage to remember the many nice moments we worked and spent together with Judita on several congresses and other international occasions. It is very hard to believe that she left us so early.
On behalf of the whole INTERSTENO family we will forward our condoleance to her family.

Kind regards

Danny Devriendt


INTERSTENO's President has written an article on speech recognition in Europe for the NCRA magazine and has included in it a paragraph about the work carried by GZOS.

Russia - Speech recognition research in Russian is now rapidly advancing, both in Universities and private companies. GZOS State Center for Steno Training, which is a member of Intersteno, is now evaluating speech recognition for English.


Dear friends of INTERSTENO:
Chinese group hope that you all have a deep impression of China in Prague. We warmly invite all of you come to China on 2009 to attend the 47th INTERSTENO Congress just one year after the 2008 Olympic Game!
We are going to begin with the preparing for the Congress and competitions. If we receive congratulatory letters from you, the government will supposed to support on it, and a lot of companies will supposed to support us. That means the cost will be more cheap for all of you and the competitors.
For a succeed and exciting experance of 2009 INTERSTENO Congress in Beijing, would you kindly enough sending us congratulatory letters as soon as possible? Electronic file send by E-mail at first, then, the printed file by post office. We will soon send you some information about the congress, such as the introduction of Beijing, China, and the places which the competition and the conference and the congress will be supposed to be hold, and so on.
We are looking forward for your warmly help!
Thank your very much!

Liao Qing
Secretary General
Beijing Stenography Association

" "
, .12, , , 105043,
. (495) 465 18 48, mail: gzos@mail.ru
02079595, 1027739563851, / 7719095685/771901001
17.08.2007 01-16/25

Liao Qing
Secretary General
Beijing Stenography Association

Dear Liao Qing
Thank you for your letter. We were very pleased to meet you in Prague again. We were delighted to see your participants in the competitions. That means that your national group has achieved much since you joined The International Federation for Information Processing Intersteno. As a result you received the honor to arrange and hold the 47th Congress of Intersteno in Beijing. We are happy to see your enthusiasm in promoting the Intersteno's ideas all over the world. We got very interested that you are planning to hold the Congress in the Olympic Village. It shows the importance you attach to the work of our organisation. We realise that it will take you great efforts to arrange everything. We wish you enormous success in making it true.
GZOS (Russia)
An Individual Member of Intersteno


Election of seven members of Intersteno leadership for the period July 2007 - July 2009 recorded two historical news:
- it was realized secretly
- the president is not from the country which is going to organize the next world championship and the congress of Intersteno
Mr. Tang Keliang, The president of Beijing Stenography Association he proclaimed, that he did not feel to be able to lead Intersteno for two years, he was not up to European conditions and that he would put up with being able to present himself as a bearer of a honorary degree of the president without voting right in China.


President - Gian Paolo Trivulzio (Italy)

Vice-president - Jaroslav Zavia?i? (Czech Rep.)

Secretary-Treasurer - Danny Devriendt (Belgium)

Member - Cees van Beurden (Holland)

Member - Mark Golden (USA)

Jury President - Georgette Sante

Chairman of the Scientific Committee - Boris Neubauer

20.07.2007 05:00

On July 21 in Prague the 46th Congress of Intersteno (the International Federation for Information Processing, established in 1887) started its work.
Representatives of most of the countries will come to the Congress.
http://intersteno.org http://intersteno.cz
Russia will be represented by the State Training Centre GZOS.
In the framework of the Congress the World Championship will be held. Vladimir Travkin from Moscow and Vladislav Pinchuk from Kiev will be taking part in Text Production and Real Time competition.
It's the second time in the past 120 years that the Russian language will be one of the competition languages.

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