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VII Internet contest 2009 will take place from April 14th till May 15th 2009.

The following changes have been done to the Rules:

The minimum speed:

  • for senior contestants (over 20 years old) - 240 characters per minute;

  • for junior contestants (up to 12 years old) - 180 characters per minute.

The maximum of errors:

  • for senior contestants (over 20 years old) - 0,5%;

  • for junior contestants (up to 12 years old) - 1%.


A new view on management from Hungary Our Hungarian colleagues Katalin Hajdicsné Varga PhD and Eszter Cecilia Szücs have sent us an article on management training in Hungary.

These specialists must not only have knowledge of marketing and economics but also know foreign languages, business etiquette, be able to type, handle shorthand and minute-taking, edit texts, prepare meetings, deal with conflicts and so on. Read the article.


In September 2008, a TV programme prepared by a TV company “Televik” of East administrative district was broadcasted

The programme hosted Director of The independent noncommercial organization “GZOS” N.M.Berezina and contestants of the Internet-competitions of Intersteno Eleonora Lukina and Vladimir Travkin. The subject of the talk was the history of GZOS, touch-typing and Internet competitions. You can see the programme on...


The newspaper "Preobrazhenskaja Ploshad" is the first one which wrote about Internet-contest.

The international Internet contest held by Intersteno was first mentioned in the newspaper "Preobrazhenskaja Ploschad'"


The final results of the team Intersteno-GZOS-Russia
in the 6th version of the Internet-contest 2008

Diplomas for the participation in the multilingual competition go to

1.Roman Vorobetssenior7
2.AvtandiLine Lukinasenior16
3.Maria Nefedovasenior18
4.Vladimir Travkinsenior24

Diplomas for the participation in the competition in the Russian language go to

1.Stanislav Yagunovchildren3
2.Mikhail Znamenskyjunior25
3.Vasily Peknovjunior43
4.AvtandiLine Lukinasenior9
5.Yury Kozlowsenior19
6.Vladislav Pinchuksenior30
7.Roman Vorobetssenior32
8.Oleg Efimenkosenior41
9.Maria Nefedovasenior53
10.Andrey Andreevsenior58
11.Vladimir Travkinsenior72
12.Irina Yagunovasenior98
13.Yuri Kordyksenior99
14.Alexey Eliseevsenior100
15.Dmitriy Yagunovsenior113


Today, on April 22nd, The State Training Centre GZOS is 67 years old

Congratulations and gifts are received in a just opened to the occasion GUEST BOOK and by mail,


April 21st, 2008 -INTERSTENO international keyboarding competition by Internet VI edition started

It’s the second time that the Russian language has become one of the 16 languages of the world competition.
We wish good luck to all the contestants, and especially to our team consisting of the citizens of Russia, the Ukraine and Byelorussia.

You may follow the contest on our web-site and at


We thank our Intersteno colleagues for their high appreciation of the site, published in the April issue of the e-news

"A new web site in Russian and English has been prepared and is now published by our colleagues in Moscow. It is very good and contains a lot of information and links dealing with Intersteno and its activities. We send warm congratulations to GZOS and the other participants of this project, and an invitation to everybody to go to visit it".

The full issue is at Intersteno e-news pdf.

The VI edition of the Intersteno contest by Internet
VI INTERSTENO Internet competition will be held from 21st April to 10th May 2008

Enrollment via email till 15h April.

To participate in the competition, please, send the following data:
  • your name and surname (Russian and Latin letters);
  • your email address;
  • the year of your birth;
  • your teacher's surname, name and email address;
  • type of the competition (Russian/multilingual).

Participants typing in one language (Russian) pay 5 €, the fee for the multilingual competition (in several languages) – 7 €.


New information on INTERSTENO.ORG

All the texts in all the languages introduced at the Prague competitions of the summer 2007 are given on WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS COMPETITIONS TEXTS. The site also contains precise and detailed information about all the types of the competitions.
You can test yourselves in the Russian language in two types of competitions: Text Production and Real Time.
The text for Real Time Competition can be typed the same way it was done at the World Championships – from dictation, from voice or you can download it in mp3 format.


We thank Boris Neubauer for transcribing the shorthand records dating back to 1914

In December 2007 GZOS got a letter with a request to transcribe the shorthand records written almost a hundred years ago - in February - March 1914.
With the kind permission of Maria, who wrote the letter, we quote it here: "First of all I'd like to explain why I'm so interested in transcribing the records. Early this year I started building our family tree. While sorting out lots of family papers, documents and photos, I came across several old postcards. At first my attention was drawn to the cancelled stamps. Eventually, when I started to study them more closely, I saw the text on the postcards.
I approached one of the transcribers' agencies. For three weeks experts argued about the language in which the text was wtitten, their points of view often changed, their suggestions included a wide range of languages, from Ivrit to Ethiopian. Finally, I was told that the letters were codified or were wtitten in an unknown language. It was so dissapointing to agree with the statement!
But my husband, casting a glance at the postcards, came up with an idea that it might be an ordinary shorthand record. So I started looking for a stenographer, but it turned out to be incredibly difficult! Via the Internet I found a woman who offered her services as a stenographer. She confirmed that it was a shorthand record but she couldn't transcribe it as it was an old system and she was only able to transcribe a few minor words. She advised me to approach the Central School of Stenography. Via the Internet I found your site and sent a message on the off-chance".
After receiving Maria's letter we decided to take a risk! We knew exactly that the letters were written in the cursive system of shorthand, but not the one we use because our system didn't exist in 1914 yet. We agreed to help feeling the work would last for years!... But when we got one of the postcards and saw the address in German, we supposed that the text itself might be written in German shorthand. That is why we decided to consult Boris Neubauer.
He answered promptly. "No problem. The system used is Stolze-Schrey. The language is indeed German". And he sent us the transcribed text. The postcard was addressed to a girl called Jorale. A grown-up man, her father or may be her uncle, wrote that he was worried if he didn't hear from her and looked forward to seeing her. What familiar and natural emotions! And it was all written on 6th March 1914.
Thanks to Boris Nuebauer both Maria and we were happy. How wonderful it is that there are such experts as Boris Nuebauer! We are glad that being an Intersteno member gives us an opportunity to communicate with them! But we are so sorry that we don't have that kind of experts in our country.

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