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e-news Intersteno 44 - November 2010


Photo report on events held on October 28th, November 3rd and 4th, 2010

On October 28, 2010 the Moscow Municipal Resource Center showcased a master class of Eleonora Alekseyevna Lukina (Avtandilina) and the Yagunov family. Young participants of the event were able to get familiar with typing training software which helps develop ten-finger typing skills and to try it.

Eleonora Alekseyevna Lukina (Avtandilina) and Yagunov brothers present touch typing master class.

On November 3 Znamenskys brothers came to Moscow. They were solemnly awarded Intersteno diplomas at GZOS. The ceremony was followed with an informative meeting featuring participants of Internet competitions.

Mikhail and Ilya Znamensky received their diplomas for the participation in Internet competitions at last

Participants of touch typing competitions met in Gostiny Dvor on November 4. Znamensky brothers from Nizhnii Novgorod, Yuri Kozlov and Svetlana Besedina from Rylsk, besides participants from Moscow and its suburbs, were among them. The visitors of the booth had an opportunity to see improvised typing speed competitions on different keyboards and to hear Avtandilina's advice.

A visitor is studying the position of fingers in touch typing

Yury Kozlov tries a new keyboard


A meeting on October 10th, 2010

GZOS. AvtandiLine (Eleonora Lukina) and Nikita Krivosheev have just received Intersteno Diplomas.


A new article about us in the newspaper 'Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad'


e-news Intersteno 43 - Jule 2010


The first Intersteno medal in Russia
Stanislav Yagunov, 14, has been awarded a silver medal for the 2nd place in the Internet contest 2010, multilingual formula. It's the first and only medal in Russia since 1887 - when the International Federation for the Information Processing Intersteno was set up. Congratulations!


We offer you the latest issue of Intersteno news covering among other things the last Internet contest

You can read about the new world champion Sean Wrona, a new speech recognition device and a lot of other interesting things.
e-news Intersteno 42 - June 2010


The VIIIth Version of the Internet contest is over
Our achievements: 28 diplomas for the competitions in the Russian language, 11 diplomas for the multilingual competitions and 1 medal!
Congratulations to all participants and supporters!


Registration of participants in the 8th version of Intersteno's Internet keyboarding competitions has begun.

Participants can register for the competitions until April 13.
The competitions are taking place from April 15 to May 15, 2010.
Good luck to all participants!


In January Igor Nickolaev from Murom ahd Roman Vorobets from Brest visited

The meeting left the most favourable impression. We thank everyone. Here are the photos of the meeting in the flesh.

Avtandiline and Igor Nickolaev

Roman Vorobets


New Year and Christmas greetings

GZOS joins New Year and Christmas greetings from members of Intersteno from different countries.

Click on photo to enlarge greeting

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