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e-news Intersteno 49 - November 2011


Yaroslav Zaviachich (President of the Czech Intersteno) invites young keyboarders to the international training camp where they can combine relaxing and improving their keyboarding speed and quality under the tutoring of the best world teachers.

In case you are interested, write to the email


Today Igor Filimonov gave a talk at the 48th Intersteno Congress in Paris. His programme TS has interested representatives from many countries.


Russia has won the first gold medal in the Intersteno Internet Contest

A schoolboy from Moscow region Stanislav Yagunov won a gold medal in the 2011 on-line keyboarding contest in the age category "pupils" (aged 13 to 16). He passed the qualifications in all the 16 languages of the contest and won both in keyboarding in the mother tongue (517 characters per minute, 3 faults) and in the multilingual competitions.

Roman Vorobets, a belorussian programmer, was the best among the Russian contestants in the general qualifications lists, taking 6th place. The fastest in mother tongue were Eleonora Lukina from Moscow (621 characters per minute, 5 faults) and Oleksandr Sidorenko (589 characters per minute, 3 faults).

In the age category of 17-20 year-olds Segrey Yugay was the tenth. Artem Yagunov and Andrey Nefedov succeeded among children (up to 12 years old) taking correspondingly 4th and 13th places.

This year 38 competitors from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus participated in the competitions (the results)!

GZOS congratulates all the participants and wish everybody new victories!


Today, April 22nd, is the birthday of GZOS!

The old GZOS – the State Educational Centre “GZOS” – is 70 years old!

The new GZOS – the Educational Consulting Centre “GZOS” – is 3 years old!

We wish them both long lives, good health and prosperity!


Now our Internet contest has got a new presentation


e-news Intersteno 46 - March 2011


Information on the IX Intersteno Internet contest

The Internet contest 2011 will be held from March 26th till May 6th. The official registration begins on March 14th. You can already register on our site.

Pay attention to the changes in the Rules for the following age categories:
  • children: up to 12 years (born in 1999 or after) - the minimum speed is 150 characters per minute (180 ch/min before),
  • pupils: 13 - 16 years (born in 1998, 1997, 1996 or 1995) - the minimum speed is 180 characters per minute (200 ch/min before).
All the other rules remained the same.


e-news Intersteno 45 - January 2011

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